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July 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi semua, hari ni 12 Ramadhan, dan esok isnin dan esok jugak aku akan menghadap dewan besar sebab esok Trial Pmr. cepat sangat masa berlalu, pejam-celik, pejam celik dah bulan 7, dah masuk Ramadhan. Dalam Trial pun Budak ni still lagi berilex-rilex, lepak-lepak tengok movie. 

aku tahu nak dekat Trial aku patut baca buku. tapi aku baca buku apa cuma tak lah macam awak,awak yang rajin bukak buku 24/7. baca tu baca lah jugak. kalau baca pun tapi tak faham pun tak guna jugak kan. so pelan-pelan. 

macam ni lah aku bila aku nak hilangkan stress selama 5 hari bersekolah menghadap kertas-kertas latih tubi yang cikgu bagi. untuk 1 subject je dah banyak lagi sabject-subject lain. memang stess gila. so setiap malam jumaat or kalau malam jumaat tu aku ada hal aku akan tengok movie malam sabtu. 

okay lah tu kan seminggu satu movie. Btw aku memang addict dengan movie-movie lagi-lagi movie aventure lagi aku suka. nak pergi cinema, tak ada sapa-sapa nak bawak so, jalan paling mudah adalah tengok movie depan com. mendownload segala jenis movie dan weekend  tengok sampai lebam. So malam tadi start search kat google "tengok movie Free" then satu website Vplay.my thank to this bro sebab buat entry tersebut. memang best tengok kat sini, sebab tak kena bayar, buat akaun or apa-apa just tunggu dia loading dan boleh tengok.

Malam tadi aku tengok Despicable Me. nie yang first punya. aku yakin korang memang dah penah tengok cerita ni, aku tak tengok lagi yelah orang jejak cinema 3 kali setahun memang ni lah jadinya. dah bertahun-tahun baru nak tengok movie ni. sedih kan.

                      mari aku cerita sikit pasal cerita ni.

Gru, a super-villain, has his pride injured when an unknown super-villain steals the Great Pyramid of Giza, an action that is described by his colleague Dr. Nefario as making "all other villains look lame." Gru decides to do better, with the assistance of Dr. Nefario, by shrinking and stealing the moon, an idea based on his childhood dream of being an astronaut, which was always discouraged by his mother Marlena. The plan is quite expensive and Gru seeks a loan from the Bank of Evil, where the president Mr. Perkins is impressed by the plan, but will only provide the money if Gru can obtain a shrink ray first. Gru and his minions steal a shrink ray from a secret base in Asia but the up-and-coming super-villain, Vector, who was also responsible for the Pyramid theft, immediately steals it from Gru, as revenge for freezing his head earlier. Gru attempts to break into Vector's fortress to get the shrink ray back.However, he notices three orphan girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes easily walk into the base to sell Vector cookies.he adopts the girls from Miss Hattie's Home for Girls, planning on using them to infiltrate Vector's base so he can steal the shrink ray back. However, Gru has much difficulty nurturing them properly between their own rambunctiousness, their ballet classes, and his own ineptitude as a parent. The girls then suggest a day at a vibrant theme park - Funland; Gru agrees, believing he can leave the girls there, but when he attempts to leave them upon a rollercoaster, he is told by the attendant they cannot ride without an adult - to his dismay. He is then dragged around the theme park for the day.Later, Gru contacts Mr. Perkins, stating that he has finally got the shrink ray in his possession. Margo, Edith, and Agnes interrupt the meeting, and Perkins announces that he has lost confidence in Gru and will no longer fund his operations. As Gru tells the minions about the bad news,the girls and the minions offer their own savings to Gru to make a rocket to the moon.Gru plans to steal the moon when it is nearest the Earth but this ends up being the same day as the girls' ballet recital. Gru becomes conflicted and Dr. Nefario, seeing this as interfering with the plan, arranges for the girls to be returned to the orphanage.Gru proceeds with his plan to steal the moon, successfully.He then finds a note from Vector, who has kidnapped the girls, telling him to give him the moon in exchange for them. After arriving at Vector's lair, Gru readily makes the trade, but Vector reneges on the deal, flying off with the girls and the moon, Meanwhile, Dr. Nefario has discovered that the effects of the shrink ray are temporary; the bigger the object was originally, the faster it will regain its original size. As the moon starts to expand in Vector's ship, Gru, Dr. Nefario, and the minions pull off a daring mid-air rescue of the girls just as the moon explodes out from Vector's ship and launches itself back into orbit, with Vector trapped on the moon forever.Some time later, Gru has readopted the girls and treats them as his daughters, writing them a bedtime storybook framed around his own experience - named One Big Unicorn.

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