Sunday, September 6, 2015

Giveaway : Choose yourself by Mdmnissa

Selection Prize Winners To 8

Giveaway: Choose yourself by Mdmnissa

Giveaway - choose yourself means you are given the option to choose their own gift you would expect based on the numbers in the image below ..
  1. Shiseido Mask 5pcs
  2. OPK 5pcs
  3. Dark brown Purse
  4. Pomfret 2x Soft Satin Plain (2 winners)
  5. Soft Satin Plain Pomfret
  6. Instant Magic Red Shawl Plain
  7. Kain Batik

Quantity winning the prize depend on the selection made. You should select 3 options that are pleasing gift hearts, but only one among these options will be yours. One of the three options will be chosen by the organizers and will be announced shortly. (^ _ ^) *. 

Terms and conditions:

1. Follow the blog Nisa [ ]

2. Like first-page follows:

3. Follow  Instagram  :

3. Follow google + in  [here]
4 Write an entry titled " Giveaway: Choose yourself by Mdmnissa "
5. Copy the banner above and link to this post.
6. Publish and paste link your entries and write down the three numbers you a choice in the comment section.
For example:
url: .....
No: 1,5,7

Selection of the winner is completely 'organizer'. So long, this giveaway, so you have a chance to become the winner (^^) 


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