Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Segmen Follow and Followback by Puteri

1. Nama: Nur Hazleen Bt Mat Som
2. Umur: 14 tahun (2012)
3. Status [single, taken, married, etc]: single but not available
4. Favourite colour: blue,black,grey,pastel colour
5. Birthdate: 1/3/1998
6. Sweet memories on 2012: bittersweet together with bestfriend
7. Blogging since: 6th january 2011
8. Crush. Yes or no?: NO
9. Still love your ex?: i don't have one
10. Is there second chance for your ex?: i said, i don't have one.
11. Height: 151cm (i'm short)
12. Weight: 47kg
13. Interest with Kpop?: yes, i'am
14. Bestfriends: Intan NurNajwa Arissa
15. A friend from childhood: Amira Shahadah (we lost contact)
16. Has someone break your heart?: yes. I am at fault
17. Someone important: my parent, my siblings 
18. Last time you cry: last night ( watching korean drama)
19. Do you like my blog?: totally like it
20. Any changes that I should do to my blog?:  background color  too bright.

i want to ask you:
1. are you kpoppers:
2. why are you like Them?:
3. what did you do when bored?:
4. tingkatan 4 nanti nak ambik apa?:
5. any comment for my blog?:

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